TS music Danmark  -  a base that presents my music and music projects of a variety of genres and uses.

Music entertainment for private and corporate parties, dance nights, city parties, receptions, various musical elements ... e.t.c.

Tomas - OneForAll   Tomas solo - music to all kinds of privat- or corporation parties, clubs, city fests, restaurants, hotels and cafes.  Tomas is playing up to 12 different music instruments.

Tomas & Anja   musik duo 

La Banda Latina   5 or 6 men band (latin-american music)

La Banda Akustika  band (latin-american music - acoustic version)

TSmusicDK home recording studio and music production

Sliotar   irish music - band from Dublin  (booking for DK og CZ)

* Teaching at AOF school - clarinet, saxophone, Pan Flute, orchestera

KELTSKA NOC (Celtic Night) celtic music festival in the Czech Republic

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   My new CD with my own music - IRISH MORNING !!!

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