Tomas Somr - new CD - IRISH MORNING


Listen to short example from the CD: 

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My new CD - Irish Morning blev indspillet igennem 2017 og 2018 i mit eget studie i Odense. 

There are 11 tracks on the CD - 7 songs og 4 instrumental numbers. 

All music and lyrics by:  Tomas Somr

Recording og mixing: Tomas Somr

Mastering: Michael Vasicek

Cover design: David Dvorsky

Tomas Somr: lead vocals, whistles, saxophones, Pan Pipes, ac. guitar, el. guitars, bass guitar, 

                      keys, programing drums and keyboards.

Guest musicians: 

Ray McCormac (Irland) - Uillean Pipes

Anja Syrik (Denmark) - lead vocal - track 5, backing vocal - tracks 2, 7

Michael Vasicek (Czech republic)- fretless bass i track 5

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Listen to short example from the CD: 

The CD er is available by: Tomas Somr, Munkerodgyden 15, 5200 Odense V, mob.: +45 20481509

© Tomas Somr 2011